Commercial Boat Valuations

We provide a qualified and unbiased valuation for boats of various sizes and styles. During our inspection, we take into account the overall integrity of the boat. We examine the layout from the inside and outside, and create an inventory of its equipment.

To make the valuation as accurate and thorough as possible, we also consider areas where expenditures may be incurred. In some cases, especially if you’re putting up your boats for sale, it would be in your best interest to have boat defects repaired before you get a valuation.

During the inspection, we also ask pertinent questions about the vessel. Queries typical center on the history and other specifications of the boat. Having complete information on the vessel is required to ensure that proper valuation. Our boat valuation service is founded on decades of relevant marine experience and commitment to high-quality service.

The NZ Marine Valuations Proposal/Contract for Valuation is a written document where we can begin to acquire information regarding your vessel. It will allow us to get the specifications of your boat and the purpose of the valuation.

Conversely, the proposal/contract will also provide you with more details on our work. It details the scope of our work, payment details, and our Registered marine Valuer, Ian Walker. The valuation provided will be according to the guidelines of the Property Institute of New Zealand (PINZ), and comply with the standards of the International Standards of London.

We pride ourselves on the high-quality boat valuation service we provide. If you’re looking to get your vessel’s valuation, contact NZ Marine Valuations.


On a daily basis, NZ Marine Valuations do numerous valuations for the legal profession. Many of them involve complex situations. such as where a vessel has been damaged in a wide range of circumstances and require a current market value of the vessel prior to the damage.

Boat size, age, and equipment are common factors to consider during valuation. But to guarantee competent valuation, nothing can substitute for boat valuation experience. A commercial boat’s value is best determined by someone with expert knowledge in the marine industry.

Speak to Ian, a registered boat valuer who specialises in this area. Get a comprehensive boat valuation based on more than 30 years of experience and up to date information on boat valuations.

Having been in the marine industry for decades, Ian has gained expert-level proficiency in the area. He’s an expert on boat models, performance, components, and functions. His boat valuations are also provided in line with the guidelines of the Property Institute of New Zealand and the International Standards of London.

Ian’s thorough knowledge of vessels makes his boat appraisals truthful and accurate.His professional boat valuation service applies to commercial vessels of various sizes and style.

Whether you need boat valuation for a sale, insurance, company accounting or specific legal purposes, we guarantee professional, reliable, and thorough valuation of your vessel.

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